[Blog] 秋の東京都大会の感想 〜高校生・支部・一般男子(3級以上)形の部、組手の部出場 渡辺一司〜

【Issa Watanabe participated in individual kata and kumite (Above 3kyu. High school students, branch members and general man's category) in JKA Tokyo Autumn Tournament 10th/December/2023】








I am Issa Watanabe from Akabane Branch of Taishijuku.

I would like to report on the results of the 73rd Tokyo Karate Tournament that took place on December 10th.

Thanks to many sensei, including Naka sensei, who has been teaching me diligently, and dojo members who have been training each other, I was able to win first place in the advanced kata division for high school students and general men, and second place in the kumite division for the same class.

I am very happy because this is the first time that I have achieved these results in the dozen years that I have been practicing karate since I was in kindergarten.

At the same time, however, I am not satisfied with this result and will continue to train hard so that I can also achieve results at the Tokyo Tournament in the spring, the Kanto-Region Tournament, and the National Convention.

Issa Watanabe