Taishijuku is a Karate dojo under the direction of Japan Karate Association HQ Instructor Tatsuya Naka.

We were founded in 1993 as the NPO Traditional Karatedo Association Taishijuku. We follow the motto of "learn by oneself, train by oneself, improve oneself and grow" and "learn from each other, train with each other, improve each other and grow" with fellow dojo members through Karatedo. 
Today, many students, from children to adults, learn Karate cheerfully and happily every day.
We are a member organization of the Japan Karate Association.

The Karate we practice was introduced to mainland Japan from Okinawa by Sensei Gichin Funakoshi in 1922, and is now known as Shotokan style and is spread all over the world.

We welcome participants from overseas to train with us.
Participation in dojo training, private lessons(1-5 people) and group lessons(6-12 people) at the Soshikan dojo are available.
Please contact us by email for information on training places, times and costs.