[Report] "5000 zuki" training was held at SOSHIKAN dojo! -Punching 5000 times- 21st/January/2024


In addition to regular dojo training, we, Taishijuku, also offer training based on requests from our students.

We had received a request from some of the students to practice repeating the same movements over and over again, so we came up with the idea of "Tough like a full marathon, let's punch 10,000 times!".
However, as this was our first attempt we decided to reduce the number of times and try to punch 5000 times. And on this day 22 of us took part in it.

We gathered at the dojo for a 10am start.

We dimmed the lights in the dojo to create an environment where we could concentrate and start the 5000 punches.

During the training, the windows and mirrors in the dojo were fogged up by everyone's enthusiasm.

It took about one hour and ten minutes to finish successfully.

It was wonderful to see everyone's faces full of a sense of fulfilment afterwards.

The average age of the participants this time was 52.5 years old and the highest age was 73 years old.

Next time, let's try to punch 10000 times!

We, Taishijuku, welcome Karate practitioners from abroad to visit our dojo and participate in Naka Sensei’s classes.
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